Additional Foundation Membership benefit: GANDI Discounts

Hello Foundation Members!

I've been in contact recently with the team [1] and they've 
been so kind to offer our membership some great discounts on all their 
available services! (domains, websites hosting, SSL certificates, 
Cloud VPS servers )

What is GANDI offering us

What GANDI is kindly offering us is an E-Rate discount [1] on all the 
services listed above. Below you can see the discounted prices for the 
various services:


Simple hosting:

SSL Certificates:

Cloud VPS servers (IaaS): 

How can I receive the discount?

1. Create a GANDI handle at If you have an 
   existing account you can skip this step.
2. Set your handles' prepaid account currency accordingly to the one 
   in use in your country.
3. Mail non-profit gandi net from your mail address indicating 
   your GNOME Foundation membership status and Gandi handle. (every 
   GNOME Foundation Member with a GNOME account (i.e git) should have 
   its alias enabled already, if you are unsure about the 
   details or the alias is not working, please mail accounts gnome org 
4. Wait for a positive reply. Your account should now have applied an 
   E-Rate discount.

This information is available at [3] as well.

Who should I contact in case no one updated my account within a few weeks?

Please mail <av AT gnome DOT org> by forwarding the email you sent to 
the above specified address specifying you did not receive a reply 
since several weeks.

Special thanks to GANDI

I would like to thank GANDI for their continued support to the FOSS 
world [4] and for the great discounts they are offering to our membership!

That should be all, have an awesome day everyone!





Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin Team Coordinator,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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