Candidacy: Pockey Lam

Name: Pockey Lam
Email: pockeylam(at)gnome(dot)org
Nick: pockeylam
Affiliation: None


As a founding member of the GNOME.Asia committee,Beijing GUG and Taiwan GUG I strive to promote GNOME in Asia. I am one of the lead organizers of the GNOME.Asia Summit since its inception (China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India) as well as assisting numerous groups to start and grow their GUGs in their area. I also organized the first GNOME Hackfest in Asia supported by the release and marketing teams, to work on preparing the GNOME 3.0 release.

Within 4 years GNOME.Asia committee has been growing from organizing an annual conference to running different projects. One of those successful initiatives was to put together the GNOME 3 launch parties campaign and ensure people would know about it. With 141 parties worldwide I feel this has been a tremendous success.


* Founding member of GNOME.Asia committee, Beijing GUG and Taiwan GUG
* GNOME.Asia committee lead
* GNOME marketing team member
* GUGmasters mailing list admin and moderator
* GNOME.Asia site admin
* Software Freedom International Board Director and Secretary
* Chinese OSS Promotion Union, and Board Director
* Ex-president of Beijing GNU/Linux User Group
* Based in South China


Being an advocate of Software Freedom and the GNOME project since 2004 I believe that becoming a GNOME board director would give me leverage to grow the GNOME community further in Asia and replicate our successes in other parts of the world which GNOME has not yet reached. I also feel it is important to have someone from Asia represented.

If elected as a GNOME board director, I plan to:
* Lead the GNOME.Asia Committee to work on more generic projects to benefit the GNOME community at large such as GUGs meeting kit, local event volunteers how-tos and GNOME booth setup guide
* Organize more GNOME Hackfests in Asia
* Expand the GNOME communication channels to reach more local communities
* Attract more contributors through GNOME User Groups promotion
* Be a coordinator and help to strengthen the GNOME Community in parts of the world needing it

Thank you for considering me.


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