Candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

Name: Emmanuele Bassi
Email: ebassi gnome org
Nick: ebassi
Affiliation: Open Source Technology Center, Intel UK Ltd, part of the
  Intel Corporation

• Summary

I started contributing to the GNOME project in 2003; I worked on
the Perl language bindings, I co-maintain the GNOME Utilities, I
contribute to GLib and GTK+, and maintain the Clutter toolkit. I
also organize the GTK Team meetings on IRC by collecting the agenda
and keeping the minutes and the log of the meetings. I contribute to
GNOME both as part of my job and on my free time.

• Details

My main motivation for running for the Foundation's Board in this year's
elections is to try and steer the direction of the project as a whole
towards a single, albeit admittedly huge goal: the establishment of GNOME
as a valid and complete alternative for an Operating System to Windows,
OS X and Android for both mobile and destkop platforms.

While the technical side is best left to the release-team and the
project's maintainers, the role of the Foundation should be to push the
adoption of the GNOME OS by working with OEMs, OSVs and ISVs, be them
commercial entities or community members; the Foundation should also
facilitate the implementation of infrastructure for developers and
designers, in order to further the current ecosystem of companies and
individuals using and contributing to GNOME.

Finally, I want to make sure that the Foundation assumes a more
proactive stance in making the GNOME community a place of good and
positive collaboration.

I do not have prior experience in holding a position in the Board (or
any similar governing body), but I've been following and discussing the
work done by the previous boards with their members for various years,
both in real life and on the foundation mailing lists.



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