Candidacy: Andrea Veri

Name:             Andrea Veri
Email:              av gnome org
Affiliation:        None

GNOME Involvement

I started my GNOME adventure around three years ago while I was working 
on uploading GNOME 2.28 into Debian Unstable as a member of the awesome 
Debian’s GNOME Team.

After a few months I decided to apply to join the GNOME Foundation and on the
12th of November ’09 I had the great announcement that my application was accepted. 
During that period both the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee and the
Accounts Team weren’t having good times , the queues were huge, most of the members
were inactive and didn’t have enough time to cover all the items that were coming in.
I decided to start contributing and time by time I cleaned up the whole queues [1], updating 
team’s Wiki pages, setting up meetings and discussions to renew our guidelines and policies.
I am proud to say that within two years both the Membership Committee and the Accounts
Team are on top of the requests, everything is processed in a timely manner and finally this
is no more a bottleneck like it was in the past.

Why am I running?

I have been silently following all the issues and problems GNOME has been encountering
during this year from the Canonical side and the arrival of Unity. And well, I think we should 
start working on this specific issue to make the big change happen. We need to thicken our
relationships with the major distributions around, we need to have a strong and trusted GNOME
team in every distribution, we need to find a deal with contributors and developers having 
problems; the Board need to be the main reference point for everyone out there wanting to 
propose a new idea or project that could befenit our beloved Foundation.

I am a law student and I am actually not affiliated with any company, that means I will
alwais act and take decisions being neutral and having just one thing in mind: improving 
and sponsoring GNOME all over the world. GNOME 3 is out and it’s awesome, but let’s
not stop dreaming, let’s look ahead and improve: GNOME will alwais make the difference 
around Open Source’s galaxy.

I am a get-things-done guy and if elected, I’ll try to do my best to reproduce the great things
I did over these three years on the projects I’ve been working at in GNOME. 
Thank you for considering me,


Andrea Veri


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