Candidacy: Shaun McCance

Name:        Shaun McCance
Email:       shaunm gnome org
Nick:        shaunm (pretty much everywhere)
Affiliation: self-employed (Syllogist LLC)

I've been actively involved in GNOME since, when I took over
Yelp development and leadership of the documentation team.
I've been the documentation guy ever since. I love GNOME,
and I want to contribute in new ways.

GNOME 3 is getting us into new territory. We're beginning to
define a complete operating system, rather than a bucket of
parts. To push this further, we need to think about our supply
chain. We need to talk more with distributors, not just the
distros we know and love, but the hardware vendors who are
putting devices in people's hands.

If we're serious about GNOME on anything other than traditional
desktop and laptop computers, we absolutely must partner with
vendors. This is something I hope to work on if elected.

I also think it's important that we have better partnerships
with web content providers. We need more web integration, but
at the same time, we need to continue to protect our users'

I enjoy reaching out to other projects and companies. It's
a skill I've had to learn in freelancing. I can bring good
ambassadorship and professional writing to the board, as
well as an enthusiasm to help make GNOME even better.


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