Candidacy: Diego Escalante Urrelo

Name:        Diego Escalante Urrelo
Email:       diegoe gnome org
Nick:        diegoe
Affiliation: Igalia S.L.

    I'm Diego, 22, from good old Lima - Perú. I've been involved
    since 2006, I've contributed with code, bug triaging, accounts
    administration, promotion with/at events, organization, Board, etc.

    I love GNOME and our community, it's awesome :).

Motivation for this period
    I think I've gathered important experience from my time on the
    Board; I contribute more, and better, as time passes.

    For this period I'm interested in new opportunities for GNOME to get
    more funding, supporting new hackfests, keeping a close relationship
    with our worldwide community and improving our marketing.

    I look forward to also keep doing a good job following up with
    topics, assuming more roles and transfering experience to new Board

What I did this period in the Board
    * Worked on the GNOME Women Outreach Program[0] with Marina and
    Stormy, should launch soon (you are welcome to help!)

    * Launched Foundation IRC meetings.

    * Defined the work flow for hackfests and put together the New
    Hackfest howto[1]

    * Started an internal+periodical 360° review process for the
    Board with Stormy.

    * In general I have tried to follow discussed issues closely,
    giving timely feedback and also trying to get opinions from people
    outside the Board (when possible).

    * Outside the Board I try to be involved in discussions on
    mailing lists, lately in the marketing list. I've even tried to 
    control some flames. I've also helped Stormy and Ruben
    maintaining the twitter/ accounts.

Thanks for reading and considering me!

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