Candidacy: Emily Chen

Name:       Yang Emily Chen
Email:        emilychen522 gmail com
Nick:          emily
Affiliation:   Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Will become Oracle soon after LEC in China)


Hi, this Emily Chen. I participated in GNOME since 2006. Now I am continue working in GNOME community because I believe in GNOME. I worked on LDTP project in 2006, then participated in Google Summer of Code 2006 and 2007 on GNOME LDTP projects as mentor. In 2008, I started the GNOME.Asia and organized the GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 in China and GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 in Vietnam. Now I am working on the GNOME.Asia 2010, which will be host in Taiwan in August. Also, I start the Beijing GNOME Users Group in Beijing since 2008 Nov. Now Beijing GNOME Users Group is one of the most active organization in Beijing. I want to make GNOME grow in Beijing, China, and Asia, it is meaningful to promote GNOME to more people, especially in Asia, because I see many opportunity and good community here in Asian.


 * I am affiliated with Sun Microsystems China, where I work as a Quality Engineer on the OpenSolaris Desktop team
 * I worked on Mozilla projects and lots of GNOME projects on Solaris as QE
 * I am the founder and president of Beijing GNOME Users Group, our monthly meeting is supported by many companies, like (Intel, Novell, Sun, Google, CS2C, etc). Those company provide venue, gifts and food for our monthly meeting. We also work closely with other communities like: Beijing Linux Users Group, Open Party, Ubuntu Community, Beijing OpenSolaris Users Group, Unix-Center etc.
 * I have attended GUADEC 2007 in UK and GUADEC 2008 in Istanbul
 * I organized GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 and 2009, now preparing the 2010.
 * I live in Beijing China


I have passion in GNOME. I inspired by the people in GNOME, they are smart, creative and enthusiastic. I belive GNOME is a good desktop solution for people all over the world.

If I was selected in the GNOME board, I plan to :
* Encourage more Asian students to participated in GNOME projects. A good platform is GNOME under Google Summer of Code.
* Encourage more people from Asian to join GNOME Foundation, there many many talent and skillful students and engineers in China, but they are not so connected with GNOME, may due to the language barriers and culture difference.
* Continue work on GNOME.Asia and Beijing GNOME Users Group. They are good platform and we should continue to make it grow.
* I want to became the bridge of GNOME Foundation and Asian GNOME community, spread the latest news to Asian, and bring feedback to Foundation.
* I want to share my limited experiences on organizing community events

Finally, my personal reason, I want to learn from senior people in GNOME community. There are lots of skill I still need to learn.

Thank you for considering me.

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