Candidacy: Jonh Wendell

Name: Jonh Wendell
Email: jwendell gnome org
Nick: jwendell
Affiliation: none


I've been using GNOME since 2005 and contributing since 2006.
I love GNOME. I love to spread GNOME. I love to bring new
contributors to GNOME. That's why I'm running for the board
of directors (for the first time).


I contribute to GNOME in

 - code (I maintain 3 modules and often write small patches
  here and there)
 - translating (I do translations and proofreading in the
  pt_BR team)
 - spreading GNOME: I'm always giving talks in Brazil about
  GNOME and how to contribute.
 - kind of coordinate GNOME Brazil: motivating users, managing
  Planet, managing mailing lists, etc

I like to invite and motivate people to contribute. I want
to see the GNOME community growing. I want people to know
what GNOME is. I want to work with Marketing team to help the
spreading of GNOME as a mainstream product. I want to fortify
existing local users groups and create new ones, we need to
have active communities in our countries.

So, I think I can use my experience in the Brazilian team to
help even more GNOME, by being part of the board of directors.

Jonh Wendell

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