Candidacy: Paul Cutler

Name: Paul Cutler
Email: pcutler at gnome dot org
Nick: pcutler
Affiliation: Novell


Hi, I'm Paul and I've been contributing to GNOME since 2006 in
documentation, marketing and the web team. I have been on the Board for
the last two months having been asked to fill Behdad's term. I think the
GNOME Foundation is doing very well and the future is bright with GNOME
3.0 just around the corner. I want to help promote GNOME 3 and continue
to improve the communication between the Board, the GNOME communities
and GNOME's partners to help GNOME grow.


I first started contributing to GNOME in 2006 working on the web team
and later helping with GNOME Journal and the Annual Report. My primary
passion is writing and improving user help. I maintain a few different
project's user help and I am active in the GNOME Documentation team. I
also help with GNOME Journal, Snowy (Tomboy Online), the marketing team
and the Sysadmin team. When I was asked to join the Board a couple
months ago, it was recommended that I look for someone to help replace
me on the latter two teams, so if you want to help in doing that, please
let me know. :)

Why am I running?

I have a passion for GNOME and I want to help see GNOME grow and be
successful. While I may not have programming skills, I have project
management and communication skills I think can be useful to the
community by being on the Board. If elected, with GNOME 3.0 coming later
this year, I would work to help market and promote GNOME 3.0. I would
also like to help with communication within the community, including two
way communication between the Board and the GNOME community as well as
GNOME's downstream distribution partners and Advisory Board companies.
Being on the Board the last two months has been a humbling and
eye-opening experience and I would like to continue that work.  Lastly,
I just like to get stuff done and I believe I can help do that and
invest the time needed.

Thank you for considering me.


Paul Cutler

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