GNOME Mobile Stewardship Team

Hi, everyone:

On behalf of the GNOME Foundation Board, I'd like to announce the
appointment of a new mobile stewardship team to coordinate and focus
GNOME's mobile efforts. The team members will be Paul Cooper, Dave
Neary, and Stormy Peters.

The team will have two primary tasks. First, the board wants to make
sure that there is a coherent vision and strategy around GNOME Mobile
so that we can all move forward. We want this team to help discover
and clarify that vision- holding and leading whatever conversations,
meetings, etc. are necessary so that we can understand where GNOME
Mobile is, where it should be going, and how the Foundation can be
most helpful in getting it there. It is important to stress that the
people already involved in GNOME Mobile will be the ones setting the
direction- in keeping with the Foundation's charter, this team will be
facilitators, not decision makers.

Second, the team will also work on communication. The Board want to
ensure that there are people empowered to speak on GNOME's behalf to
the mobile community. If you've got questions about the Foundation,
finances, events, things like that, you can talk to them. Similarly,
when the media asks the board for comments on mobile, we'll typically
be pointing at this group, who can take things on themselves or
delegate to the relevant experts. And of course the board will be
looking to the team for feedback and reporting on how GNOME Mobile is

If you have questions, please feel free to talk to the team members,
or to the board. For the time being, we expect the team to communicate
primarily via the existing GNOME Mobile development list (cc'd).
Should the need arise, we'll create a separate email alias for them
and announce it in the appropriate places, but until then, please
contact them there.

Thanks and good luck to everyone-
Luis, on behalf of the board

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