Candidacy: Vincent Untz

  Name: Vincent Untz
  Mail: vuntz gnome org
  Affl: Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG)
       (my affiliation will change in the next few months when I'll get
        a new job. My future affiliation is still unknown)

[Sidenote: I'd love to see more people run for the elections! If you're
wondering whether to do it or not, do it!]


I found my way in GNOME five years ago and I never left: I love the
project and I love the community. And of course, I care about both too.
While my contributions were technical ones at first, I've found out
that I enjoy doing non-technical stuff. I believe I understand quite
well our community and I can help the Foundation continue to do the
right thing for the project.

Why I'm running?

First, let me tell you that I'm still not 100% convinced that I should

 + it's very hard for me to evaluate the free time I'll have next year.
   Well, in fact, it's just impossible to evaluate :-)

 + I'm far from being completely satisfied with what I've achieved
   within the board. I don't think I've been useless, but I have the
   feeling I could have done so much more... (I guess every board member
   has this feeling, though)

So I might change my mind during the elections period. I would have
waited a few more hours to help me decide, but I'm traveling tomorrow.

That being said... :-) I'm running because:

 + I care about GNOME.

 + I try to not speak forever about doing things, but to do them.
   Although I admit sometimes I'm pretty late at doing them.

 + I'm French. Okay, that's irrelevant.

 + I believe people can come and talk to me: I'm generally quite open.
   This is useful to receive feedback, but also to not frighten people
   when they want to ask for something.

 + I'm paying attention to details, and I'm somewhat good at keeping
   track of details so things don't go unnoticed.

 + Did I mention I'd like to have GNOME adopt French as the official
   GNOME language? (Translation: I don't want GNOME to become not fun.)



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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