Candidacy Announcement for the 2007 GNOME Board Election: George Kraft

Name: George Kraft
Mail: gkraft gnome org
Nick: gk4
Affl: none

Summary (75 words)

I think the GNOME desktop is great, and I'm an advocate of the project.
I believe that simplicity and ease of use is important for the desktop;
however, with my recent GNOME accessibility experience I've learned that
usability is multifaceted.  I'm not a "rock star" programmer; however, I
would like to offer my leader experience as a former LSB chairman.  I
believe it's important for the board to facilitate the talents of its
project members.


I have been a UNIX/Linux programmer for the past twenty years, mostly
concentrating in the desktop, commands, and library spaces. My first
free software contribution was for X11R4 back in the late 80s. I'm an
old Motif and Common Desktop Environment (CDE) programmer, and I have
come to love GNOME.  I strongly believe in good coding practices,
specifications, testing, and standards.  


I want to contribute to GNOME in a meaningful way, so for not
participating on the board seems to be the best fit for me.

George (gk4)

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