GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 5/7/07

GNOME Foundation Meeting Minutes :: 5th July 2007

Present: Anne, Glynn, Jeff (:20), Zana
Absent: Quim
Regrets: Bedhad, Dave, Vincent

1) Business Development Role

   We have offered the candidate a position with the GNOME Foundation. Dave
   has mailed him with a formal job offer, and associated salary offer. Jeff
   has been trying to organize a time to talk through this with them.

   ACTION: Zana to forward on a copy of a previous contract that we may
           be able to use.

2) Foundation Board Agenda

   All agreed that we should only have a few agenda items, and discuss
   these through to fine detail with conclusions.

   Among the possible items are -
     - Time issues with the existing board members
     - Business development role and fundraisy
     - Budget
     - 6 month plan
     - Merger of GUADEC and aKademy
     - More involvement of membership

   Jeff thinks it's a good idea to ask the Foundation membership for any
   topics of conversation.

   ACTION: Jeff to mail foundation-list to see if there are any suggestions
           for board agenda items.

3) Advisory Board Agenda

   Glynn mailed out details of the advisory board meeting at GUADEC. So far
   we have one possible agenda item, GPLv3. Glynn suggested that further
   agenda items could be generated from the position statements of the various
   members. Quim commented that if there weren't other items, it might be
   worthwhile discussing documentation.

4) Foundation Membership Meeting

   Glynn plans to write a summary of the various action items that we've
   done throughout the year, and to send out before the meeting. It would
   be good at this stage to announce our new position.

   ACTION: Glynn to write up a summary of the various action items and
           send to foundation-list.

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