GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 22/6/07


Apologies for this being so late, just catching up on old minutes now.



GNOME Foundation Meeting Minutes :: 22nd June 2007

Present: Anne, Behdad, Dave (:10), Glynn, Jeff (:20), Vincent, Zana
Absent: Quim


   Forms are on the way to the ECMA office. Behdad is sending a draft
   press release to the board list, once we get approval of our
   membership. Anne mentioned that we joined the ODF alliance, and is
   now getting update notifications on their progress. Anne is not sure
   where to send this. Anne suggests that it would be good to mention
   that we're a member of ODF in the press release.

   ACTION: Behdad to send a draft of the press release to board-list
           once ECMA membership is approved.

2) GUADEC Sponsorship for Java Summit

   Behdad mailed suggesting that it might be possible to have a Java
   bindings summit for GUADEC, and sponsor travel for 2 recent
   committers to the project. Everyone seemed to think it was a good
   idea, but we needed to know the exact costs of the tickets. Dave
   said that we put aside 10K USD for independant developers software
   budget - bringing people together for conferences, interoperability
   summits. Dave also put aside 6K USD for an ISV summit eg. embedded
   summit or GTK+ meeting, with a greater chance of getting something
   larger out of it. We need to be careful that we're funding them to
   a Java summit, rather than GUADEC. Dave suggests that we fund them
   2K USD, and they can use at will - divided over flights and

   ACTION: Behdad to talk to the Java guys about the possibility of
           a Java summit at GUADEC, and funding travel for contributors.

3) Business Development Candidate

   Jeff has concerns that we should take time to consider and redefine
   the role according to the candidate's different skills and focus.
   We should know what we're hiring them for before we go into the
   next interview. Anne commented that we should look for the role
   that we originally started for. Dave commented that the candidate
   did meet a lot of the goals as defined in the original job role
   description. We also need to be able to set up those expectations
   with the candidate.

   ACTION: Dave to organize another interview on Monday 25th June.

4) Advisory Board Meeting

   Last year there was an Advisory board meeting the week before
   GUADEC. All agreed we should do it again, to provide some context
   for the meeting and define the major topics for discussion.

   ACION: Glynn to organize an Advisory Board call for a week before

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