Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Oct/25

Clearing out the drawer of old minutes...

GNOME Foundation Board Meeting, 2006/Oct/25


No attendance:
	Jeff Waugh (regrets)


* Intel server:

	Powered like a server machine.  Big upright form factor.
	Cannot put it in the Red Hat colo because it takes up too much
	space even with the rackmount adapter.

	Tried to send it back to Intel when it arrived, to exchange it
	for a different form factor, but this failed.

	We need to ask OSL to see if they can host it in their colo.
	It's not a very good desktop machine; it's really loud.

	What to use it for?  We were using it for backups, but we have
	a better solution now.  We don't really know what to use it
	for right now.

	GNOME Hispano was promised a server (or access to one) at
	GUADEC.  Sun has not been able to provide one.

	DECISION: ship the machine to Portland until we figure out
	what to do with it. [update 2006/dec - the machine is in
	Portland now; thanks to Red Hat!]

	Shipping costs: to be figured out.  Maybe Red Hat can pay for

	ACTION: JRB to figure out how to send the machine.

	ACTION: Dave to contact Portland to see who should receive the

* Killermundi is now public and in marketing-list.

* Code of conduct:

	* Need to be able to just point people to the CoC eventually.

	* Do we think that the Board should come out to the membership
          and say that the CoC is a good idea?

	* We need someone to write a sample mail to board-list on how
          we would present the CoC to the Foundation's membership.

	* ACTION: Anne to write the sample mail on the Code of Conduct.

* To announce in foundation-list:  Izabel Cerqueira Valverde (Brazil)
  and Clytie Siddall (Australia) has joined the membership committee.

* Latinoware:  1500 dollars for marketing material is too much.
  DECISION:  We'll give them USD 750, and Dave will fly down there.
  The Foundation will pay for his travel.

ACTION: Dave to mail OSU OSL about Sun machine
ACTION: Dave to ask about racking a 5U Intel machine at OSU OSL
ACTION: Dave to put JRB in contact with Corey Shields for delivery of
ACTION: Dave to get drunk on caipirinhas
ACTION: Budget 2007 - Dave to do a first draft

* We need to let the incoming Board know how much money we expect to
  get next year, and what the expected expenses are.  We have such and
  such funding requests outstanding, etc.  ACTION: Jonathan to prepare
  financial information for the next Board.

* Quim: we should announce to foundation-list that we are starting to
  prepare the budget for next year.  Also, we should query the
  membership: what should we spend our money on?  Which events, etc.?

* Elections:

	* Vincent asked the elections committe, but no news yet.

	* Outstanding question: how many people on next year's Board?
          DECISION: Seven people for the next Board, just as it is

	* Process for replacement of members of the Board?

	* It's too late this year to propose that people run for
          specific roles in the Board (chairman, secretary, treasurer,

* It would be interesting to know how many new Foundation members we
  got this year.

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