Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Nov/15

GNOME Foundation Board Meeting, 2006/Nov/15


Dave (+30 min)
Federico (+15 min) (rest of the minutes)
Vincent (initial minutes)

No attendance:

Quim (regrets)


* Extra:

	Thanks to Vincent for taking the initial minutes.

* Last Advisory Board meeting before we leave?

	Do one with the new Board in December.

* Finances:

	We have a new accountant, who will charge some money (the
	previous one was pro-bono), but it's a reasonable fee.  We
	were not satisfied with the previous accountant.

	Jonathan is trying to extract our tax information from the
	public information website in California.

* Trademark application:

	Anne doesn't want two law firms in charge of the same thing.

	Anne is in contact with Eben Moglen and the SFLC.

	We need to contact Luis to see if Wilson/Sonsini will still be
	handling the trademark application.

	Jeff is happy to facilitate access on the sysadmin side to set
	up a group to handle this.

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