Mentoring for GNOME in Google Summer of Code

Hello freedom lovers,

As you probably know by now, GNOME will be participating in the
Google Summer of Code again this year.  For details about the
program visit:

and this page about the GNOME involvement:

We are now looking for mentors.  To apply for mentorship you need
a Google account (GMail account works) and should sign up here:

and then choose GNOME as (one of) the organization you want to
mentor for.  Of course we do not promise to assign projects to
everybody signing up, but we try our best to optimize our use of
resources.  Also note that, mentors are volunteers, and will be
rewarded by:

  1) gaining experience mentoring a motivated student,

  2) having a student doing paid work on your favorite project,

  3) potential to get the said student as a longterm new
developer for your project,

  4) getting a Google Summer of Code t-shirt,

  5) help GNOME Foundation get a $500 donation per project.

Based on previous year's experience, we are targeting 20 projects
for now, but if we get enough volunteers, ideas, and good
applications, we may go much higher as well.  The Mono Project
did an excellent job last year in best using the SoC programme
and we should learn from them.  Good old Migy again ;).

You are encouraged to append ideas to the pool of ideas:

Please take some time and think about what your project(s) can
benefit most from before adding random ideas to that page.
While we do not guarantee that the ideas listed there are
necessarily at the level of winning a grant, we don't want to
mislead the students.

And also have in mind that the coding period of the project is
only three months long (it was two months last year), and the
coder is a mortal student that is probably not involved in Free
Software development yet, let alone GNOME.  So don't list "Write
Topaz" as one of the ideas for example.

Your SoC administrators,

Behdad Esfahbod
Vincent Untz

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