Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Mar/22

More late minutes.

GNOME Foundation Board Meeting, 2006/03/22


Federico (+10 mins, minutes)
Rosanna (new admin)

No attendance:

Dave (regrets)
Vincent (regrets)


Jeff: ongoing

JRB to finish job description: Sort of done.  Need to announce that we
are hiring.

Federico to organize next call: ongoing.

Luis to mail boston-social to look for representation at boston
usenix: done.

Luis to help marketing-list to prepare a press release about the W3C
SVG announcement: ongoing.

JRB to send mouse pads and mugs to outstanding donors: delegated to
Zana; ongoing.

Dave to request Quim for a copy of a contract with the Generalidat
describing what they are paying for this GUADEC.

Quim to write a formal letter of invitation for the people who need
visas: DONE.

Federico to write agenda for Advisory Board meeting: ongoing.

Federico to write a paper for the Advisory Board: DONE.

Federico to mail advisory-board-list about what members would like to
get from the Foundation: not done.

Jeff to ask Advisory Board about funding of GNOME versus funding OSDL:

Jeff to ask about technical project lead: ongoing.

Dave to resurrect German contract from last year so that we can use it
for Axis Inform�ca: DONE.

Federico to remind people to send submissions for GUADEC papers: not

Vincent to update gnome.org to mention call-for-papers deadline: DONE.

JRB to ask Quim about invoicing and finish the GUADEC budget: not
done.  High priority.

Federico to mail Dave with the agenda for the AB meeting: not done.

Zana's status report

Zana sent a status report to board-list with what she has done.


Need to look for more keynote speakers.

High priority

Announce Mar. 29 meeting of the Advisory Board.

Jeff's embedded working group

Pleased about the positive response.

We want to announce this during GUADEC, and hold a press conference.

The meeting of the embedded participants will happen during GUADEC.

Need a mailing list to get people talking before the announcement, so
that we can have something technical and concrete to show by then.

Expanding the board

We have a problem of lack of resources --- board members don't have
time to do their tasks.

Decided to wait until GUADEC to request volunteers for helping out.

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