Candidacy announcement

Well, I decided that I will actually try this year.  :-)

Well for those who don't know me.  I've been involved with GNOME
since around the 0.5x days.  I started out mostly on the mailing
list and then for the past year or so I've been active on IRC.
I generally do small patches, mostly documentation; Bug reports,
mailing list administratia and what not.

I think my strongest asset is that I'm a generalist.  I may not know
one thing really well but I know enough to get people to talk to
each other for mutual benefit.  This has helped me figure out whats
going on with GNOME the project whether thats 3rd party apps,
core components or interesting concepts that people have floating
around that they talk about.

I'm not that great of a hacker, but I can keep up if it goes
technical Thats great if want to communicate from non-technical to
technical and vice-versa.

I work for a fairly large corporation as a server engineer and I've
learned a lot of things working for them including managing people,
leading a team of people who are spread out and technical requirements
when managing a large unix based computer infrastructures involving
thousands of machines.

On the board I would push for:

* Cheering for more Desktop standards
* encourage communications using GEP
* Better organization

Thats pretty much it.  Oh yeah, I want to have fun.  :P


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