Name: Federico Mena-Quintero

Email: federico ximian com

Corporate Affiliation: Ximian, Inc.


We lack complete developer's documentation for our 2.0 platform.  The
documentation I have written in the past has been useful to people, so I
want to work with the different developers of GNOME libraries to ensure
that their code has proper documentation.  Also, I want to help in
coordination between the GNOME and teams --- OO.o needs
to integrate well into the GNOME environment, and they may also be able
to use some of our cool technologies to avoid duplicated work.

Longer description of my candidacy:

The second version of the GNOME development platform is past a dot-zero
release, but we still lack developer's documentation for a number of
important modules in GNOME.  In the past the documents that I have
written on GNOME technologies have been useful to people, so I would
like to dedicate myself to finishing the developer's documentation for
our 2.0 platform.  New developers will appreciate this as well as people
intending to move forward from the 1.4 platform.

For the last year I have worked on miscellaneous bug fixing for the 2.0
desktop, and recently my job has been to do integration between GNOME
and the suite.  This is a very big project which is
particularly important for GNOME.  We need end-user applications that
integrate well with the rest of the desktop and while
provides great functionality, it does not feel like part of the rest of
GNOME.  It is important to coordinate both development communities so
that they are aware of each other's needs, and I think I can take a
useful part in this work.


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