Candidacy: Michael Meeks

	I'm standing because too few hackers seem to have done so; I'm also
proud[1] to be affiliated with Ximian.

And now the pitch to drive the voters away screaming:

* Pushing for closer integration with other parts of the desktop;
  OpenOffice particularly.

* Ensuring that Gnome stays a Meritocracy, where ones influence is 
  proportional to ones hard, measurable contribution - code, i18n,
  artwork, etc. both past, present and future.

* Keeping our vision wider than a file manager and control panel, and
  on a complete Free software desktop.

* Ensuring the hackers make the coding / code inclusion decisions, the 
  artists make the art / art inclusion decisions, the UI team decide
  the UI, the i18n team in charge of i18n, and the release team in
  charge of co-ordinating releases.

	And to people who accuse me of electioneering I say:

	 "Vote for me !"



[1] - pride is a sin[2]; good word though, 'thankful' is perhaps better.
[2] - perhaps a Gnome song starting "It's hard to be humble ..."
      is called for.
 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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