Candidacy Announcement

Name:		Mike Newman
Email:		mike gtnorthern demon co uk
Affiliation:	None

I'd like to propose myself as a candidate for the 2002 election to the
board of the GNOME Foundation.

I'll start by saying I am not a hacker in any sense of the word. I
served on the Membership & Elections committee for over a year, and
prior to my resignation was chair of that committee. I've contributed a
great deal of time and effort to supporting GNOME users via IRC in the
past, and have a particular interest in pushing GNOME to the non-profit
and government sectors, particularly in the EU and UK.

I'm standing because:

- I'm a firm believer in GNOME democracy and want to work to maintain
this. Whilst corporate involvement brings many benefits to GNOME we must
guard against some of its drawbacks.

- I believe that the board should have a non-hacker/administrative
element to balance the non-technical decision making necessary in
running what is a growing organisation with increasing responsibility.

- I also believe that a European element to the board is essential. I
would ideally like to see a more diverse geographical representation on
the board - reflecting the many places GNOME is used.

- I am committed to transparent decision making, and the board being
accessible and accountable to the Foundation Membership in all matters.

I bring a decade of experience in the non-profit/government sector, a
great deal of experience of committee work and working as a board member
of registered charities. I've been involved with GNOME for almost two
years, having hovered on the fringes of the project for a year before
that. Whilst primarily non-technically oriented, I spend time keeping up
to date with GNOME technologies and progress. I've even contributed code
here and there, but I wouldn't ask you to vote for me on that basis :)

Please vote for a diverse, capable board with the interests of GNOME at
its heart.

Mike Newman

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