Candidacy - Chris Phelps

Well, there are 3 days left before the November 8th deadline for
announcing candidacy for the GNOME Foundation Board, and so far I think
I have counted something like 3 announcements or so...I suspect there
are better people for the job than myself, but if they're not going to
run that doesn't help us out a lot.

Name: Chris Phelps
Email: chicane reninet com
Affiliation: none

I have been coding GNOME applications for over 2 years now. While this
doesn't exactly make me one of the core developers, I feel that I have
contributed a very useful and widely used application to the GNOME
distribution (Glimmer).

I have very little *real* training in UI design and or Usability Issues,
but I feel that I have good insticts in these areas, as well as getting
the job done when it comes to laying down code. I wish to help out the
GNOME community in any way possible, which includes taking a load off of
the shoulders of some of the core developers like Maceij who have less
time to code than they would like.

-- - My pet project - My personal website

./configure --prefix=/dev/mocha --enable-caffeine

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