Some early electioneering

After some consideration, I've decided not to seek re-election to the
GNOME Foundation Board of Directors this year. I would like to spend
more of my (currently limited) gnome time on hacking and usability
work, and less on politics and organization. I'd also like to make
room for others to get their turn. I might run again in future years. *

However, I've watched the machinations of the current board up close
and formed some opinions.

So in lieu of a candidacy announcement, I would like to mention a few
of the current board members that I feel most deserve to be
re-elected, and a few non-members that I think deserve a seat. I don't
know if the people I mention will choose to run, but I hope they do.

I definitely don't mean to imply that anyone I don't mention did a bad
job. I think all the board members more or less lived up to their
duties. You will notice my suggestions don't even add up to 11.

Current board members:

Daniel Veillard - Daniel has done an amazing job with the minutes, has
kept us following good process, and has helped out with many tasks.

Havoc Pennington - Havoc has done a solid job as chairman, keeping
meetings organized and keeping track of important items. He is also an
eminently reasonable person.

Jim Gettys - Jim has strengthened the board with his wealth of
experience. He also brings the balance one would look to from an
outside while still having ties to the project.

Bart Decrem - Bart has helped immensely with organizational, marketing
and legal issues. I think he deserves another go, if he wants one.

Owen Taylor - Owen is supremely on top of more or less every technical
issue. He is also good at getting things done, and willing to do the
dirty work when called for.

Current non-members:

George Lebel - George maintains more GNOME modules than I have ever
checked in to. He is also more true to the free software spirit than
anyone I know. And he's been a key part of GNOME, like, forever.

Jody Goldberg - Jody is really tied in to what's happening on the
applications side of GNOME, which is increasingly important. He also
has maturity and good judgement.

Tuomas Kuosmanen - Tuomas makes lots of pretty pictures and makes
people happy. Plus he is a really nice guy. I am sure lots of er, more
high-strung people will be elected, so lets have some balance.

I may also chime in if other people that I think would do a good job
nominate themselves. These are just my pre-emptive endorsements.



* I promised on IRC that I would run if there were not at least 12
other candidates, so there is at least some nominal competition. But I
sure hope I don't have to.

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