FW: Bitstream Vera Font

Title: FW: Bitstream Vera Font

I need information regarding the open source license under which the Bitstream Vera font is licensed.  Is there anyone at the GNOME Foundation who can help me with this matter?  I contacted Bitstream, but they referred me to the GNOME Foundation.  I previously sent an email to GNOME (see below) but have not received a response.

What license governs the use of the Bitstream Vera font?  What does it mean to say that the GNOME Foundation will incorporate the fonts into GNOME releases?

Your help with this matter is sincerely appreciated.
Connie Limperis

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Is the Bitstream Vera font licensed under GPL 2.0?  Bitstream's website states (inter alia) that the

What does it mean to say that the "GNOME Foundation will incorporate the fonts into GNOME releases"?  Does this refer to the unmodified Bitstream Vera fonts?  Will the licensee's modifications or derivatives of the Bitstream Vera font become open source?

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter. 

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