DejaVu fonts 2.12

DejaVu Fonts 2.12 have been released

This release includes improvements in hinting and glyph outlines for
Greek (in Mono), Cyrillic and Armenian (in Sans). A few improvements
were made for some mathematical operators.

We now have initial support for Canadian Syllabics (not in LGC version)

A few bugs have been fixed.

Ligatures in Sans are now re-enabled, which means that Firefox users
that have Pango enabled will likely encounter the ligature bug again
(see You can work
around this bug by defining MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 before launching
Firefox, but it is suggested you bug or help the Mozilla people so they will
finally fix this.

The released packages now no longer contain gzipped files. Instead, we
have chosen to move to bzip2'ed files.

For a full list of changes, go to
To download the fonts, check out

DejaVu fonts team.

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