Re: Latin font

Hi Charles,

Today at 1:36, Charles Smith wrote:

> Hey, this is Charles again.  I’ve been working on Vera Serif and adding lots
> of letters.  I’ve added ALL of Latin Extended-A, and O and U horn, and schwa
> (upper and lower case).  I’ll add more later to Latin Extended B and
> Additional, especially Welsh and Vietnamese letters.  If anyone wants to
> make letters for Vera Serif like Greek and Cyrillic, or anything else, I’d
> be glad to collaborate.  The only thing I’ve been doing is adding diacritics
> and making such letters as h stroke and eng.  Get back to me if you’re
> interested in collaborating on a single font file with all these characters.

As you might know, I've put Cyrillic fonts at
(there're all four Sans faces, and not-yet-finished Mono Roman face --
it's good enough for Serbian, but not for Russian).

I've also got anonymous CVS with SFD files for them, simply do:
 cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous cvs kvota net:/cvs/i18n co fonts/bepa

There're also some extensions for Slovak, but with some errors and
inconsistencies (requested by an user).

Daf has worked on extending Vera with support for Welsh (and some
other languages):

We've been planning to merge our efforts for a while now, but somehow
always seem to not have time to do it. We've been considering using
Gnome CVS as well.

I guess we could use a leader here, and you sound like a good
candidate ;)

So, what do you think?


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