Re: Latin Extended-B teaser

Danilo Segan wrote:
Today at 15:32, Danilo Segan wrote:

I haven't played with hinting at all so far, because I'm more than
satisfied with the autohinter that comes with FreeType 2.1.4 or
better (FWIW, I even compile it with bytecode interpreter disabled).

Btw, here's a nice introduction to hinting process, where FontLab is
used (it seems to be pretty expensive, and available demo doesn't seem
able to save or export fonts, at least that's what the web site seems
to say).  Still, I think it's usable for any beginners such as you or me:

I'm personally not planning to do anything with hints for now. An additional concern is that whatever we do we should probably at least try to keep the existing true type instructions, unless we are sure we can do better than bitstream did. This probably means figuring out what their instructions exactly do unless they provide documentation.



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