Re: Switching metadata from DB to in files

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Ulf Rompe <ulf exiflow org> wrote:
> Am 16.02.2011 22:41, schrieb Pat Riehecky:
>> Somehow I got set from store in photos to store in DB (odds are its my
>> fault), which is making my sync across multiple systems a bit
>> complex...  I very much wish to get all my tags into the photos
>> themselves, but I don't know what to do.
> Wouldn't it help to create a dummy tag, mark all photos, attach the dummy
> tag to all photos, and remove it from all photos afterwards?

Perhaps here my lack of expertise shines most brightly, but would this
dummy tag modification (provided I have the Preferences->Store Tags
Inside Photos set) force _all tags_ to be written to all effected
photos?  My expectation is that it would merely modify the tag in
question (and thus not migrate the remaining tags) in order to not
introduce a performance regression (only change what changed rather
than re-write everything, but since I don't know how the metadata
works this is merely a guess).... but I'll give it a shot on a few
photos.  Attempting it on the whole collection might be a bit intense
(161Gb of photos.....) but if its this or nothing!


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