Re: Ubuntu 11.04

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 15:56, Dougie Nisbet <dougie highmoor co uk> wrote:
> Sure, fair point. I jumped the gun and hadn't realised it wasn't released
> yet. (update-manager -d said an upgrade was available and I wrongly assumed
> that meant it was released.) Quite a few things (e.g. mnemosyne, samba4) not
> working after upgrade. But not liking the look of natty anyway so might use
> the opportunity to try another distro.

Give Kubuntu a shot... It's pretty much Ubuntu but with the KDE
desktop. Now that KDE 4 is mature, I actually prefer it over Gnome.
And I'm sure you've noticed what is happening to Gnome.

Dotan Cohen

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