F-Spot 0.8.0 Released!

We've just release F-Spot 0.8.0, which is the first release in the
stable 0.8 series. This series will receive long-term stability and
enhancement support, while we work on bigger changes in master (and
through periodic 0.9 releases).

>From the NEWS file:

f-spot 0.8.0 - Sep 15 2010 - Stabilized
- First long-term stable release of the 0.8.x series.
 - Contains everything from the 0.7.x series as well as some critical
   extra fixes that were added during the past week.
 - Some regressions in terms of support for obscure RAW formats, but
   lots of improvements overall, definitely in terms of stability.
 - Nearly 300 bugs closed since 0.6.2 (http://bit.ly/bqXLLt)
 - This series will continue to be maintained and released, but only
   with improvements and fixes. New development will happen on the
   master branch and result in 0.9.x releases.

More info on my weblog:

Many thanks to everyone who made this release possible:

Hackers, documenters, etc:

        Ademir Mendoza, Alex Launi, Anton Keks, Bertrand Lorentz,
        Christian Krause, Christopher Halse Rogers, Daniel Köb, Eric
        Faehnrich, Evan Briones, Gabriel Burt, Harold Schreckengost,
        Iain Churcher, Iain Lane, Lorenzo Milesi, Łukasz Jernaś, Mike
        Gemünde, Mike Wallick, Nick Van Eeckhout, Paul Lange, Paul
        Wellner Bou, Peter Goetz, Ruben Vermeersch, Tim Retout, Tomas
        Kovacik, Trevor Buchanan, Vincent Pomey, Wojciech Dzierżanowski


        Andika Triwidada (Indonesian), Andrej Žnidaršič (Slovenian),
        Aron Xu (Simplified Chinese), Bruce Cowan (British English),
        Bruno Brouard (French), Cheng-Chia Tseng (Traditional Chinese
        (Hong Kong and Taiwan)), Christian Kirbach (German), Claude
        Paroz (French), Daniel Nylander (Swedish), Filipe Gomes
        (Portuguese), Fran Diéguez (Galician), Gabor Kelemen
        (Hungarian), Joe Hansen (Danish), Jordi Mas (Catalan), Jorge
        González (Spanish), Kjartan Maraas (Norwegian bokmål), Mario
        Blättermann (German), Mattias Põldaru (Estonian), Michel Recondo
        (Brazilian Portuguese), Miloš Popović (Serbian), Sira
        Nokyoongtong (Thai), Wolfgang Stöggl (German), Xandru Armesto
        (Asturian), Yoshizumi ENDO (Japanese), Zdeněk Hataš (Czech),
        Милош Поповић (Serbian)
This new release can be downloaded here:

        Or through GNOME git, using the 0.8.0 tag.

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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