Re: Moving photos to another partition

I'm no expert but I had a similar situation a few months back.
Symlinks can make files appear to be where they are not.  You could
create a symlink from the XP partition to make it appear as if it is
located under /home where your photos were (do this after you've
actually moved them) ... this is what I did and it worked.  That would
only work if you are moving your entire photo collection to that
partition.  Alternatively if you wanted to keep the existing photos
whre they are, and make the new partition to appear like its own
subfolder under /home/yourname/Photos/ or whatever, you could symlink
it to a subfolder of Photos and only add new photos to it, not try to
mix old and new.

The one thing you don't want to do is start moving photos piecemeal
... it seems like Fspot has no facility for dealing with that.

Does anyone know if f-spot will someday have the ability to move
photos around from within itself (i.e., the database would know the
new photo locations)?  It would be a huge help ... other people seem
to hack the sqlite database but that's more skill than i want to

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 12:02 PM, Dianne Reuby <pramclub yahoo co uk> wrote:
> I have a spare XP partition which I plan to reallocate to my Ubuntu
> system (9.10), either by deleting it and expanding /home, or by using it
> as a separate partition for photos and music.
> If I use it as a separate partition, how easy will it be to change my
> F-spot so that it looks at the new partition, doesn't think that there
> are still photos on my /home partition, or thinks I have two sets
> (on /home and new partition)?
> And are there any advantages or disadvantages for either setup with
> F-spot?
> My F-spot version is
> Dianne
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