Re: Face detection / recognition / tagging

2009/9/10 Ali Servet Donmez <asd pittle org>:
> Hi there,
> this is Ali Servet Donmez from Italy.
> I simply need to know if there's enough interests having face
> detection/recognition in F-Spot implemented?
> I need to know this, because I just proposed a thesis project for my
> Computer Science graduation and before giving my final decision to the
> professor I need to be sure that someone really really wants this.

Have you seen what Apple iPhoto does? Basically the best scenario
would be to detect faces and try to cluster people tagging the photos
along the way, one would need a way to teach the algorithm things like
- 'here is a face', 'this face is person X', 'this face is a new
person Y' and 'this is not a face'. The program should also be able to
go back into your old photo library and tell you 'I think I've seen
this person before - please select on which image I have correctly
found him'. Note that there might be multiple faces per photo and
there should be a good way to tell which face is which person (as in:
tags at the bottom of the photo do not tell us in which order people
are on the photo). There could be a way to show which faces I have
tagged manually and which the computer tagged and what his confidence
factor was for each face (color of the face-detected rectangle's
border could be used for such indication).

This would be a very, very great and important feature if done right
and working with even moderate success rate.

Best regards,
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