Re: importing specific files, using regex or patterns

Dear Folks,

Thank you kindly for all your helpful suggestions.  Clearly there are
other people using (and improving!) f-spot besides me.

On 17/10/09 16:37 +0200, Ali Servet Donmez wrote:
On Sat, 2009-10-17 at 09:44 -0400, Jonathan Addleman wrote:
Ali Servet Donmez wrote:
> You could try something like this outside of F-Spot:
> > $ cd <your-photo-dir>
> $ find ! -iwholename '*-thumb.jpg/' -exec cp --parents {}\
> <some-other-empty-dir> \;

So it is as I thought; f-spot lacks control over the files that are
imported; you can only specify the directory from which all images
will be imported.

It would be good to implement a file globbing inclusion and exclusion
facility, or an option to import files listed in a text file.

I would have to learn C# for that; Instead, I'll write a simple work
around in Perl that makes hard links of all the files to a directory,
then I will give f-spot that directory.

Though better to just use ln instead of cp. It'd be a *lot* faster
and take less disk space! If you use hard links, there would be no
difference for the importing at all, (though it'd need to be on the
same filesystem, and a filesystem that supports linking of course)

Fair enough.

f-spot clearly could do with a few more features; I might one day
learn C# and implement some.  First I'll see whether f-spot is useful
to me in addition to the Perl software I've written to create web
sites of photos organised by EXIF timestamp.
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