Re: serious problem with upgrade to ubuntu 9.10q

The problem lies definitely with the colon in the file/directory name:

AppendValues ( Gtk.TreeIter, 2003%20Kitchen%20Before)
AppendValues ( Gtk.TreeIter, Michigan)
AppendValues ( Gtk.TreeIter, Volume%202)
AppendValues ( Gtk.TreeIter, Volume%203)
AppendValues ( Gtk.TreeIter, 2005-02-12--14:13:46)
[Warn 00:53:34.914] Caught an exception - URI scheme must start with a letter and must consist of one of alphabet, digits, '+', '-' or '.' character. (in `System')

Notice that as soon as a name with a colon in it shows up f-spot børks. A look at mcs/class/System/System/Uri.cs (part of Mono) shows what happens: as soon as there is a colon in a string and that colon is not at position 0 (which is always an error) or position 1 (which is interpreted as following an MS-DOS/Windows drive letter) the part of the string before the colon is interpreted as an URI scheme (eg http, file, ftp, etc.). This will naturally lead to an error as (in the above example) ' 2005-02-12--14' is not a valid scheme.

The solution is for f-spot to %-encode colons in the string before it gets handled by any of Mono's URI-handling functions. It does this for spaces (->%20) but not for colons (->%3A). This should be changed...


And now for a patch...


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