all import rolls?

So I'm looking for the import roll a particular photo is from:

$ echo "select roll_id from photos where filename =\"IMG_1917.JPG\";" | sqlite3 /data/photos/photos.db
$ echo "select time from rolls where id = 22;" | sqlite3 /data/photos/photos.db
$ ctime 1220776550
Sun Sep  7 04:35:50 2008

Yet when I look in "Filter on selected rolls" I have no roll even near
that date and in fact I only see 10 rolls ranging from Jul-Oct of 2009.

Where are all of the other rolls (beyond the 10 most recent)?

And speaking of input rolls, when I use Find->By Import Roll to filter
on a roll, it would be nice if when I went back to filter on a different
roll, the current roll I am filtering on was already selected.


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