Re: Time handling in F-spot

Paul Wellner Bou schrieb:

Are there more ways for time handling which solves the missing-time-zone-in-exif problem? How would you do it?

Simple don't mess with the exif time when exif doesn't have means to record the time zone. Anything else opens a can of worms.

Doing ~70% of my pictures during vacation (mostly in another timezone), I prefer to know when the picture was taken and not to see any recalculated date and time (hey, sundown at 12:00 ?) even if this means to have a few pictures sorted wrong on the day I cross date boundaries.

I think that a great program like f-spot should try to make most of it's users happy. In my opinion, the few use cases where the time zone of a picture might make any difference doesn't happen in the live of 95% of the f-spot users - even then, they can _knowingly_ adjust the exif time to their needs.


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