Re: why is edit location now in sidebar?

> Just wondered why the location of the edit buttons are now in the
> sidebar. As it seemed much more intutive being under the picture. 

Three reasons, as I understand it:

They are a bit more extensible this way. Add-ons give us more Edit
buttons, and being on the toolbar they were space-limited. On the
sidebar it's less of an issue and there are possible solutions if space
issues appear.

Some image editing functions can be accessed from the image organizing
mode as well. With the buttons in the toolbar, we would be either
wasting a lot of space for that feature or it would be invisible (a
toggle burried in a menu) to most users.

The sidebar was basically unused in Edit mode when it was just for tags,
merely consuming space. Now the sidebar has been turned into a more
universal context-sensitive container (also extensible). This is the
very tidy alternative to (non-modal) dialogs like an Image Metadata
thing floating around.

Dylan McCall

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