Re: New location for db and other config files

Am Montag, den 20.10.2008, 20:42 +0200 schrieb Lorenzo Milesi:
> > - Add a command line switch to select a repository folder.
> -b option is present alredy

You're right. I already used that switch, but I forgot about it.

> > - Make "f-spot --help" actually print all possible options.
> afaik it already does so...

In fact it prints a bikini message - it hides the most important parts:

$ LANG=C ~/local/opt/f-spot/bin/f-spot --help
Usage: f-spot [OPTION...]
      --load-modules=MODULE1,MODULE2,...     Dynamic modules to load

Help options
  -?, --help                                 Show this help message
      --usage                                Display brief usage message

      --gdk-debug=FLAGS                      Gdk debugging flags to set
      --gdk-no-debug=FLAGS                   Gdk debugging flags to unset
      --display=DISPLAY                      X display to use
      --screen=SCREEN                        X screen to use
      --sync                                 Make X calls synchronous
      --name=NAME                            Program name as used by the
                                             window manager
      --class=CLASS                          Program class as used by the
                                             window manager
      --gtk-debug=FLAGS                      Gtk+ debugging flags to set
      --gtk-no-debug=FLAGS                   Gtk+ debugging flags to unset
      --g-fatal-warnings                     Make all warnings fatal
      --gtk-module=MODULE                    Load an additional Gtk module

Bonobo activation Support
      --oaf-ior-fd=FD                        File descriptor to print IOR on
      --oaf-activate-iid=IID                 IID to activate
      --oaf-private                          Prevent registering of server
                                             with OAF

GNOME Library
      --disable-sound                        Disable sound server usage
      --enable-sound                         Enable sound server usage
      --espeaker=HOSTNAME:PORT               Host:port on which the sound
                                             server to use is running
      --version                              2.24.1

Session management
      --sm-client-id=ID                      Specify session management ID
      --sm-config-prefix=PREFIX              Specify prefix of saved
      --sm-disable                           Disable connection to session

      --disable-crash-dialog                 Disable Crash Dialog

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