Batch file rename extension

Hi, guys,

I'm new to this community, so let me introduce myself, I'm Lev, 27 y.o. and work as a verification engineer.

I've been using f-spot for a while now to organize the huge collection of my photos, mainly my kids ;) The only thing I am missing here is, actually, a batch rename functionality with some fancy stuff like embedding
exif info into the file name, like date etc.

So I started writing an extension. And this is where I need you help.
The main file operations I plan will be renaming the files inplace, rename-copy to destination and rename-move to destination.

The problem is that the selected files that I grab from the main f-spot window will eventually get changed (in terms of file name) and the db will need to be changed also, so I plan to have a checkbox to give users an option to "reimport" the changed files into the DB. And the question is what would be the correct way to do it? Some code snippet would be very valuable :)


PS. I hope I made my point clear :)

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