Find Orphan Photos extension


Updated the preliminary extension to find orphaned photos, as well as
moving photos to proper YYYY/MM/DD path according to the timestamp
(changing timestamp, or UTC will put the photo in wrong location)

This extension needs some TLC especially in the GUI area, but it works
fine. Also would be nice to add a feature to selectively choose which
photos to import/delete/move...

I run it on my large database with 27000+ photos, and it spotted
1) 3 linked photos (Photos were in correct place, but the URI pointed to
a linked directory). Fixed it with the ChangePhotoPath extension
2) 600 photos that did not exist in the file system (they did exist in
the file system, just in another place). Fixed it by deleting these
photos with this extension.
3) 610 photos in the filesystem, but not in the database (the 600 photos
from 2, and 10 extra one...). Fixed it by importing them with this
4) 1000 photos with the wrong YYYY/MM/DD path. Timestamp / UTC problem,
as well as manually modified the timestamp after importing. Fixed it
with this extension.


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