Tagging Photo Regions


As part of a project I've added facial identification and recognition
features to F-Spot 0.4.1. I'd like to contribute as much code as
possible back upstream, in a way that's useful and easy to integrate.
Some of the modifications I made to support the features are rather
deep in the F-Spot code and not well suited to being put in a plugin.
One of the feature's I've heard requested be added to F-Spot is the
support for tagging regions of a photo. Based on the work I have
already done, modifying it to support that would not be too difficult.

If this is something people think would be worthwhile, and something
likely to be integrated to the tree, I'd be happy to go ahead and
implement it. Once the functionality exists for tagging regions of
photos, it may be possible to implement the rest of the facial
functionality as a plugin as low-level libfspot changes will already
be in place to support drawing boxes around regions and obtaining
cursor coordinates over an image.

Some of the functionality I've added locally can be seen in the video
at http://confucius.ca/edp/SampleVids/Feb17-2008.mpg (~8mb). It's
since been improved in a number of ways, but it should be possible to
get an idea on how tagging regions may work.

Any advice on things that may be contributed back are welcome, and
thanks for providing a solid base for implementing this project,


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