Re: Merge raw

On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 10:40 +0200, Antti Ahonen wrote:
> First of all
> I would like to say that this "marge raw" possibility is great. I allways shoot RAW+JPG, so it has been very frustrating to go throught the photos because there has been two copyes of each. 
> Still I do have couple of questions about it. 
> I did loose most of my tags. Might be
> because my raw files do not have tags, I allways lose my raw tags when I reimport photos (like when I change to another computer).  I do write the metadata to the files, so JPG:s still have the tags when I reimport those.  
> So I would save a lot of time if the merge raw function would use the
> tags from the JPG files. 

the tag applied to the merged photo should be the union of the raw tags
and jpegs tags. if not, report a bug
> And another thing, can this merging be done automatically every time I
> import pictures? 
y, definitely, but not that easy right now

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