Re: Memory usage

> I've seen similar behaviour quite often, unfortunately.   I reported it 
> a while back on the mailing list, but it's a slippery one - I haven't 
> yet been able to find a set of steps to reliably repeat it.
> It seems to happen after I've been tagging a lot of photos, and then 
> start filtering based on tags, at some point, I'll try to do a filter, 
> and my memory usage will sky-rocket --- f-spot will basically grow to 
> about 1.5gb
> As I said, though - I haven't been able to repro it reliably...
> Does anyone have any suggestions on instrumentation I could add to help 
> track this down?
> Warren

I can reproduce it almost without fail.  It has made f-spot unusable for me.

I've been able to import about 2000 images (of my 35,000).  When I start f-spot
up, it's using about 600 megs.  When I start importing images (not moving them)
from a directory of less than 100, memory usage goes to 1.5 gigs and stays there.

I've tried different folders, etc but it just keeps doing it.

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