Re: f-spot thumbnail overview

Stephane Delcroix schrieb:
So the first question I have is: Is it possible to build F-Spot on Windows?
Not as-is, but it should be possible if you have the knowledge, the time
and the courage required to do this task...
Furthermore I'm interested in the thumbnail-overview-panel of F-Spot (the right part of this screenshot: I downloaded the code but couldn't find the classes it is build of. Can you help me?
It's not a thumbnail overview pane, it's a tag browser. The actual Tag
browser no longer looks exactly like this, but the code is mainly a
I'm not sure if you understood me right. I mean the area were the thumbnail are shown not the area where you can select the tags. I uploaded an image here: I mean the area that is framed.

Thanks for your reply.

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