Re: How does the f-spot/gnome community feel about bug/feature bounties?

On Tue, 19 Jun 2007, Richard Bronosky wrote:

I have no problem paying for software.

Me, neither, though personally I don't use non-free software without a compelling reason.

I want to be able to tag images in fullscreen view so badly that it is easily worth $50 to me. I think that others feel this way about different bugs too. I imagine that a few individuals could easily pool together enough money to create some real motivation.

I, too, think bounties would work. I'm just a regular user who wants f-spot to keep rocking his socks. I'm going to have a real job soon (having just graduated from college), which means an income, and what better use for my money than making my computer experience even better? (-:

(One day I might try hacking f-spot, since I do know how to program these adding machines we've all got lying around.)

There are a bunch of bounty infrastructure web sites, and I would suggest using one of them. I'd suggest for a code-oriented service, but in the event that you're having trouble reaching some floor of money, you could use the service ( adds convenience to this model but charges 7% for distribution of funds, which may or may not be worth it depending...).

-- Asheesh.

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