Is there a way to turn off the stinking popup in fullscreen mode?

I'd be willing to patch the source.

I just hate virtually everything about the usability of the fullscreen
mode.  But, that it the only decent way to view your images in f-spot
(that I can find).  I could PageDown my way through 200 images in a
few minutes if I didn't have to wait for the stupid popup to go away
to see the subject's mouth each time.

I think that if you click the "X" to close the popup, it shouldn't
come back until you exit fullscreen and come back.  Or it could be
withheld as long as the cursor stay in the top 50% of the screen.  Or,
it could not popup when Page Up or Down are used.

It really is terrible for usability.

.!# RichardBronosky #!.

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