Re: Idea: several databases as albums

f-spot -help
Usage: f-spot [options]
 -b -basedir:PARAM   path to the photo database folder
 -? -help            Show this help list
    -help2           Show an additional help list
 -i -import:PARAM    import from the given uri
 -p -photodir:PARAM  default import folder
    -shutdown        shutdown a running f-spot instance
    -slideshow       display a slideshow
    -usage           Show usage syntax and exit
 -V -version         Display version and licensing information
 -v -view            view file(s) or directory(ies)

f-spot -b /path/to/different/folder/for/photos.db -p

I create a directory, like "work" and inside it another like ".db". I
start f-spot with

f-spot -b ~/work/.db -p ~/work

F-spot creates the database in ~/work/.db and when I import photos,
they go in ~/work.



On 7/12/07, Antti Ahonen <aahonen gmail com> wrote:
If this can be done from commandline somehow, could somebody explain it to
me. I would be very interested.

On 7/11/07, f-spot mbx zapto org <f-spot mbx zapto org> wrote:
I think this is a good idea for other reasons as well.  For example. I
might have pictures that are personal and then pictures that I would
like to share with my family for example, where my family would use the
same computer.  Or perhaps I have pictures that I take as a professional
and pictures taken of family and friends.

I think there might be a command line parameter for this already.  Can
anybody verify?  Is this what -basedir does?

Well even if there is, it would be nice to put this into the UI so it
can be changed without restarting and without looking up parameters and
re-starting the app.

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