Re: large import

Bill Moseley ha scritto:
> I thought I saw an option to symlink the photos -- but I don't see it
> now.  Is there a way to have f-spot import my photos and organize
> them into directories by date and only symlink (or better hard-link)
> instead of copy?
No sorry. You can copy them or leave in their original location, but no
> I assume f-spot looks at the exif info for the date, right?
Yes. If unavailable will look at filesystem date.
> Is there another way to "import" the photos without having to copy
> them?
Leaving them to their original location. If you deselect "Copy pictures
to photo folder" on import it will just add pictures to the catalog,
using the location where they are at import.
> Any suggestions how best to import?  I've got about 80GB of images to
> import.
I strongly doubt you will be able to import them in one shot. Sadly
f-spot suffers some memory leaks, and it has been reported that
importing MANY pictures at a time will fail.
You should do import smaller directory each time.


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