Re: Meeting notes

Well, as I wasn't in the meeting, this is the only opportunity I have
to comment on it.

bengt I would like to see a nice guide wich takes you from the camera to sharing the photo with friends, with hints and tips along the way
I might be able to do that next week, with screenshots.

bengt Updating the user guide would be a good first step
That is in the works. Nothing in .txt yet, but lots of ideas.

sde oh, yeah. we probably need a native english part of the team...
I also think that our work should be reviewed, at least for the time being.

gabaug I think "Glossary" sounds better
Glossary certainly sounds friendlier than Terminology. Anybody
for/against the name change? I'm for it.

bengt One other possibility for a goal, perhaps not this one though, would be to fix the Time Adjustment.
Yes, this should most certianly become a goal.

Thanks for listening. Hope to see you all at the next meeting.

Dotan Cohen

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